Monday, June 9, 2008

A female raspy cricket

I found this female raspy cricket in the car a few months ago. Her sword-shaped ovipositor at the tip of the abdomen is used to insert eggs into the tissue of plant stems or leaves. Raspy crickets belong to the family Gryllacrididae. There is one described species in Tasmania, Kinemania ambulans, and two undescribed species. Microscopic examination is require to determine the species.


jo said...

I only read two blogs, this one, and the NASA picture of the day. It's nice to start the day with pictures of the structure of the milky way, and end with sword shaped raspy cricket ovipostors. Thank you for posting this work, it's not only fascinating, it's important.

Gaye from the Hunter said...

I was particularly pleased to find your Raspy Cricket post. I have posted on moulting males, but not yet the beaut female that I found in my kitchen. I just couldn't believe the length of the ovipositor.

You have some beaut nature observations in your area.