Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A trip to Forth Falls

Pterostylis sp.
Geoglossum sp.
Marasmius sp.
cicada exoskeleton
Galerina hypnorum

The local field naturalists group (The Central North Field Naturalists) have regular monthly outings to look at birds, plants, fungi, liverworts and just about anything else that catches our eye.
On Sunday August 3rd we went to Forth Falls near Lake Barrington where we saw several Dusky Robins and heard Flame, Scarlet and Pink Robins, Golden Whistlers and a Grey (white morph) Goshawk.
There were several orchid species, a cicada exoskeleton and, despite being fairly late in the season, quite a few fungi including a beautiful blue-capped Marasmius sp. growing on a small dead branch and Galerina hypnorum, a small fungus associated with moss.


Mosura said...

The Geoglossum sp. is fascinating. I've not yet had the privilege of seeing them.

Boobook said...

I'm so jealous! I've searched for Geoglossum on every fungi hunt, without success:(